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Danelle F

Back problems / arthritis – Full body cryotherapy

Danelle balances a hectic career in finance – including the grinding daily commute to London – with bringing up her three teenage children. Keeping fit is a vague goal, but the demands on her time mean that the most she can fit in during the working week is walking the dog. Yet exercise for Danelle, who is 49, is a double-edged sword. Since a car crash several years ago, she’s endured neck problems that led to her undergoing decompression surgery. She also suffers from lower-back pain, and has arthritis in her neck and feet. Consequently, she regularly endures severe, knotted pain… and strenuous walking can be a trigger. Danelle is keen to try anything that can give relief.

Ted Cheeseman

Fitness enhancement – Full body cryotherapy

Ted’s one of Britain’s most exciting athletes – look out for him powering his way through 2017 as he chases the British middleweight boxing championship for the first time. The 21-year old from Bermondsey, south London has just gone professional, and he’s already demonstrating his awesome skills on the ‘undercard’ of fights between boxing legends Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua, and David Haye and Tony Bellew. Ted’s focused training regime is super-tough, leaving his body with natural aches that conventional massages only relieve temporarily. He’s interested in anything that helps him maximise and sustain his all-round physical performance.

Lola C

Shin splints, joint pain – Full body / local cryotherapy

For an active, sporty person like 17-year old Lola, being told to stop all the energetic activities she loved was heart-breaking. She’d played netball since 10, danced since 14 and played football since 16. For four years, however, Lola has experienced burning pain around her ankles that meant, for instance, she was in agony after 15 minutes of a football game. After a year, a physiotherapist advised a stretching exercise regime, but the pain intensified and shifted to her shins, making running almost impossible. Now, having been advised to abandon all her physical pastimes, yet with no significant improvement pain-decrease, Lola has turned to Cryotherapy to try and put the bounce back into her life.

Greg C

Back pain / painkiller addiction – Full body / local cryotherapy

They have tried to ‘rebuild’ Greg, who is 47, but the results are mixed. Ten years ago he started experiencing back pain but, after three years, cortisone injections proved too agonising. Doctors found he had slipped and damaged discs, and he underwent revolutionary surgery involving a titanium support cage. Still the pain returned, and soon he couldn’t cope without extra-strong painkillers. Next, radiofrequency treatment on his back nerves helped but made playing golf, his one big passion, impossible. And then a fall saw pain rush back with a vengeance. He became hospitalised with depression. But Greg’s a fighter. He’s beating his pill dependency and now – while waiting to see a neurologist – he’s trying cryotherapy to overcome his severe daily pain.

Mandy S

Weight Mangement – Full body cryotherapy

Mandy has come a long way in her mission to rebuild confidence and become a stronger, more supportive person for her family. Mandy is 51 but struggled with her weight for two decades until, in November 2016, she joined a slimming class to tackle the issue that her doctor had warned her about for years. Within one month, she shed two stone – an astonishing achievement – and her next target is to lose three more. To meet this challenge, Mandy has taken the bold move to try full-body cryotherapy and experience the boost it can give to her life-affirming goals.

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