Tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite

Body sculpting, the combination of both local cryotherapy and massage is the natural way of reducing the appearance of cellulite and tightening skin that lacks the side effects of more invasive therapies.


Our body sculpting package is a combination of 2 treatments which use both local cryotherapy and massage in an interactive way.
*Please refer to the individual treatments on the website for full descriptions

What to expect

Initially the therapist will discuss with you the areas you would like to target. This could be areas previously targeted during the LIPOFreeze Programme. You will then experience a local cryotherapy treatment followed by a firm massage. This process will be repeated interactively according to which treatment length or number of areas have been selected.

One session of CRYO BODY SCULPT will include one target area.

Two sessions of CRYO BODY SCULPT will include two target areas.

Areas to choose from:

  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Left or right upper arm
  • Left or right lower arm
  • Left or right inner thigh
  • Left or right outer thigh


The localised cryotherapy treatment is used to help aging, and various skin symptoms. Benefits include cell rejuvenation and boosting collagen levels. The cold therapy stimulates the collagen production in deeper layers of the skin. This helps with skin tone and promotes skin tightening.

Deep tissue massage can help the appearance of cellulite by reducing the lumpiness of the affected areas. The deep massage directly effects the deeper layer of skin breaking up fat deposits which are usually visible on the skin. It increases the blood flow which softens the fatty areas, making it easier for them to be released. It will also speed up the lymphatic system which helps carry fluids and toxins from the body. All of these benefits can reduce the visibility of the cellulite as well as slowing down new cellulite formation.


Q. How long do the treatments last for?
A. If you choose one area, the treatment will take 25 minutes. If you choose two areas, the treatment will take 45 minutes.

Q. Will it be painful?
A. During the treatment, there can be some tenderness, especially if it’s your first treatment. The therapist wants to work within your pain threshold and the idea is not to cause unnecessary pain. They will communicate with you throughout your treatment.

Post Treatment Recommendation

cryo slimming cream

Use Elimin Slimming Cream to massage into the treated areas.
This cream is an active slimming complex which maximises the absorption of the active ingredients day and night through the formation of a protective layer on top of your skin. This ensures that the active components do not crystalize and are being absorbed. Apply Elimin twice a day on the areas where you wish to lose fat, in the morning after the shower and in the evening before you go to bed. A treatment takes 30-60 days and the cream needs to be applied daily and consequently in the same areas for optimal results.

Medical Questionnaire

Please note you will need to complete the following medical questionnaires prior to your first treatment:

CryoAir Body Treatment Client Disclaimer

CryoBody Massage Client Disclaimer





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