3 Minute Rejuvenating Whole Body CRYOTherapy


Leading-edge Treatment for Sports Conditioning, Pain Management, Natural Beauty Boost and Wellbeing.

Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the use of super-cooled air over the whole body surface to trigger powerful natural defence mechanisms which can help to reduce inflammation and muscle pain, increase metabolism and energy levels, improve skin quality as well as promoting wellbeing.

What to expect

After a quick briefing and changing into shorts or bathing suit, you will enter our state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber. Here you are exposed to air which has been electrically cooled to around -85C. A glass door ensures you’re able to see and talk to your supervisor who will remain with you right throughout your treatment to offer advice, encouragement and answer any questions. Your session lasts for up to 3 minutes during which time you are encouraged to move around or exercise to maximise blood flow.

On leaving the cryotherapy chamber you’ll be provided with a dressing gown and you’ll begin to experience the rejuvenating and re-energising effects as your body warms.


Sport Conditioning

Accelerated muscle repair and recovery from training or competition; better endurance and performance

Pain Relief

Triggers powerful anti-inflammatory response; reduced muscle pain

Heightened Wellbeing

Stimulates body’s natural defence mechanisms; endorphin rush; sense of rejuvenation and enlivenment

Weight Loss

Increased metabolism; burns up to an extra 800 calories within hours of treatment

Natural Beauty

Collagen release reduces wrinkles and blemishes; reduced pore size; tighter skin; clearer complexion; thicker hair

Productivity Boost

Increased oxygen absorption boosts productivity and reduces fatigue; higher energy levels


Q. What does it feel like?
A. You can expect to feel like you’re standing in a freezer on a very warm day. It’s a dry cold, so it’s not painful like freezing water.

Q. How long do the benefits last?
A. Immediate benefits last for 4-6 hours after treatment. Longer term benefits can result from a regular course of treatments.

Q. What will I feel like afterwards?
A. Some people describe the feeling as like an adrenalin rush, or like you feel when you come off a roller coaster. A feeling of excitement and heightened senses which lasts for some time afterwards.

Q. How many treatments are required?
A. This depends on what you are looking to achieve, or the severity of your condition. Many clients notice increased vitality, improved sleep, or decreased muscle soreness after their first treatment. For chronic pain or to experience long term benefits, we recommend 6-10 sessions 1-2 days apart.


Q. What should I wear?
A. The more skin that’s exposed the better but you are required to wear under garments, shorts, T-shirt or a bathing suit. We provide socks, slippers, hat and gloves to protect extremities from over exposure. Metal and jewellery must be removed before entering the chamber.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes. You will be supervised at all times by one of our qualified personal trainers. The chamber has a glass door so your supervisor can see you and the door opens easily from the inside should you want to leave at any time during your treatment session.

Q. What if I have health problems?
A. You will be asked to fill in a disclaimer before starting your treatment. The chamber SHOULD NOT be used if you are pregnant or if you have high blood pressure, heart or cardiovascular problems, or certain other medical conditions. See the full list of restrictions here. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor before embarking on any cryotherapy treatments.

Medical Questionnaire

Please note you will need to complete the following medical questionnaire prior to your first treatment:

Cryo Chamber Whole Body Client Disclaimer

Cryo Body (1 person whole body)


Cryo Body (2 persons whole body)


Cryo Body Membership (1 person)

TreatmentsPrice/MonthSessionSaving (month)
One month£300n/a-
Three months*£250n/a£50
Six months*£200n/a£100
*T&Cs apply for 3 and 6 months.

Cryo Body Membership (2 people) **NEW - Arpil 2018**

TreatmentsPrice/MonthSessionSaving (month)
One month£4006.45-
Three months*£3505.64£100
Six months*£3004.83£200
This is a membership that two people can share and use independently of each other.  Perfect if you and a colleague, friend or relative are in training for a big challenge and would like to use regular Cryotherapy sessions as part of your prevention and recovery programme.

You will be able to take chambers independently of each other using this membership. *T&Cs apply for 3 and 6 months.

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