Get rid of stubborn fat with the safe, non-invasive alternative to lipo suction.

Cryo Lipo destroys fat cells by freezing specific areas of the body. The residual fatty deposits are then absorbed and dissipated through the body’s natural lymphatic system over a period of several weeks leaving the overlying skin undamaged. Sometimes known as bodysculpting, Cryo Lipo can be specifically targeted to deal with problem areas.

Best for someone who is of a healthy weight range but has stubborn areas of fat that don’t disappear no matter how much they diet or exercise. Cryo Lipo will target these areas and eliminate the fat.

Effective for:

  • Abdominal fat, love handles and muffin-tops
  • Hips, inner-legs and thighs
  • Arms and back rolls
  • Under the chin

Rediscover a slimmer you!

Developed at Harvard University, the Cryo Lipo technique enables you to permanently remove fat in just one or two 60-minute sessions. Harvard studies have shown between 20-40% of fat cells in the treated area are destroyed in the first two treatments. Initial results can be seen within 2 weeks, but the full results may not be evident for up to 12 weeks.

What to expect

During your initial session your consultant will discuss your requirements and assess the area to be treated, marking out the target areas on your skin. A lubricating gel pad is placed over your skin before the suction cup device is applied. This sucks up a large section of tissue and fat applying a freezing temperature for about 45 minutes, which will crystallise and destroy the fat cells.

After the suction cup is removed the frozen area is gently massaged to help break down the fats cells faster and return the tissue to its normal shape. The procedure is normally repeated on the other side to ensure symmetry. You are advised to continue massaging the area for 2 minutes daily to further aid the fat dissemination process.

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The Benefits

Fast & Effective

Each treatment takes just 45 minutes; clinically proven; results visible within 2 weeks


No anaesthetic required; no scars; no painful recovery period; no post-op downtime


The treatment itself is pain free; mild discomfort after freezing only


The body only has a finite number of fat cells; once destroyed they never grow back!

Your Questions Answered

Q. Does the procedure hurt?
A. Sometimes there is some discomfort or pinch when the suction cups are first applied and for about 10 minutes afterwards until the area goes numb. Then you really don’t feel that much.

Q. Will it hurt afterwards?
A. As the cups are removed the massaging of the frozen fat can sting a little. In addition there may be some bruising from the suction cups and the area can be tender and sore for up to a week afterwards, a bit like you’ve been lifting weights in the gym, but this is normal. Other than that it’s quite a relaxing procedure.

Q. How long before I see the benefits?
A. You can expect to see initial improvement within 2 weeks, but the final result can take 8 to 12 weeks to as the body has to naturally eliminate all the fat cells that have been destroyed.

Medical Questionnaire

Please note you will need to complete the following medical questionnaire prior to your first treatment:

Lipofreeze Client Form

Cryo Lipo (Free Consultation

TWO AREAS (1 treatment)£180£90-
FOUR AREAS (2 Treatments)£320£80£40
SIX AREAS (3 treatments)£420£70£120
LIPO Program: EIGHT AREAS (4 treatments -£600)
2 x Cryo Body Chamber (£100)
1 x 25min Body Sculpt (£45)
1 x 25min Cryo Express Facial (£45)
LIPO Program: TEN AREAS (5 Treatments -£900)
4 x Cryo Body Chamber (£200)
2 x 25min Cryo Body Sculpt (£90)
1 x 60min Cryo Luxury Facial (£70)
1 x ELIMIN Slimming Cream (£50)


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