TargetED cryotherapy To Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Pain and promote healing

If you are suffering with a specific injury or chronic problem area, you may benefit from Local Cryotherapy. In contrast to Whole Body Cryotherapy, local cryotherapy employs a controlled jet of super cooled air to target specific areas – for example the shoulder, knee or back. This concentrated cooling action reduces the skin temperature to around 5ºC for around 10 minutes and, as the tissue warms, a powerful anti-inflammatory response is triggered.

More powerful, less painful and longer lasting than a conventional ice-pack, local cryotherapy can be effective for:

  • Sports injuries – sprains, strains and muscle tears
  • Back pain – disc problems, sciatica, muscle spasm
  • Neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle problems
  • Accelerated post operative rehabilitation

What to expect

During your initial assessment, your therapist will discuss your problem and outline the right course of treatment. Using a hand held device, they will apply cold air topically as required to specific parts of the body in a treatment which typically lasts around 10 minutes.

For maximum benefit, you are strongly recommended to combine your local cryotherapy sessions with a prior Whole Body Cryotherapy session.


Pain Relief

Targeted anti-inflammatory effects increase mobility & relieve pain and soreness


 Theraputic cooling of body tissues reduces scarring and promotes faster healing

Fast & Effective

Maximum benefit is typically achieved within a 10 minute safe & simple treatment 

Pain Free

Non-invasive; no anaesthetic; no scars; less painful than  a conventional ice-pack

Your Questions Answered

Q. Does it hurt?
A. No. You will probably experience some tightening of the skin. The air jet is dry rather than wet like ice, so although it is cold, it will not hurt.


Q. How many sessions should I have?
A. This will depend on your condition. You will likely feel some immediate benefit from your first Local Cryotherapy session, but the benefits are cumulative and best results are generally achieved with a series of ten treatments.



Q. How long do the benefits last?
A. Local cryotherapy can produce an immediate reduction in swelling, inflammation and pain. Depending on your condition this can last for up to seven days.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes, local cryotherapy is non-invasive and generally accepted to be very safe. Always check that you are being treated by a properly trained consultant and discuss your treatment with your consultant if you have any concerns. If you are pregnant or have hypertension or cardiovascular problems you should avoid cryotherapy. See our waiver for details. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Medical Questionnaire

Please note you will need to complete the following medical questionnaire prior to your first treatment:

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