Combined cryotherapy for training & injury recovery

Give your body the best chance at a quick and thorough recovery from sports injuries or tough training sessions with our Cryotherapy Recovery package!

The ‘Cryotherapy Recovery ‘ means that your recovery is all looked after in one place rather than going to multiple appointments to achieve the same thing.

What to expect

First, you will be taken for your whole body cryotherapy treatment – you are in the chamber for a total of 3 minutes where you will be exposed to air cooled to around -85℃.

Secondly, you will take a localised cryotherapy treatment in a chosen area. This can be to target an injury; sprain or tear, or an area that’s causing an ache or tension. The local cryotherapy will be administered for 10 minutes focusing an intense cryotherapy treatment to the area.

Finally the sports therapy massage, this will start with a 5-minute consultation – a brief chat about where you need the massage to focus. This is a 25-minute massage and can include one area, legs (front and back) or upper body (back, neck and shoulders).


The whole body cryotherapy treatment increases blood flow and therefore increases the delivery of oxygen and endorphins around the body between 6-10 minutes after leaving the chamber. This causes the muscles to be more flexible allowing the therapist to administer deeper treatment to muscles with minimal discomfort. It also gives quicker and longer lasting results from the massage.

After taking this treatment your body will feel ‘RECOVERED – REJUVENATED – REVITALISED’


Q. How long will each session last?
A. Whole body cryotherapy is a 15-minute session, you will be in the chamber for 3 minutes. Local cryotherapy is a 15-minute session, and the localised treatment will last for 10 minutes. The sports massage will last 25 minutes, beforehand you will have a 5-minute consultation.

Q. Can I take the treatments on different days?
A. No, the recovery package is carefully designed for maximum benefit, meaning all treatments have to be taken in the order above during one session on the same day.

Q. Who will be carrying out my treatment?
A. The treatments will be carried out by one of our two in house highly qualified Sports Therapist (BSc Hons).

*If any of your questions aren’t answered here, please refer to the individual treatment sections on the website for more Q+A’s

Medical Questionnaire

Please note you will need to complete the following medical questionnaires prior to your first treatment:

Cryo Chamber Whole Body Client Disclaimer

CryoAir Body Treatment Client Disclaimer

CryoBody Massage Client Disclaimer



One1 x Chamber (£50)
1 x Local (£25)
1 x 25 min massage (£45)
Five5 x Chamber (£250)
5 x Local (£125)
5 x 25 min massage (£225)
Ten10 x Chamber (£500)
10 x Local (£250)
10 x 25 min massage (£450)
Note: The recovery package is carefully designed for maximum benefit, meaning all treatments have to be taken during one visit and in the order as above.

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